Worthing's Museum & Art Gallery has a collection of over 200,000 artefacts, costumes and works of art. 

In late 2003, the Borough Council announced that they were considering the closure of the Museum & Art Gallery, to save £130,000 in the following year. A huge grass-roots campaign, co-ordinated by the Revolutionary Arts Group's Steve Carroll and Dan Thompson, ensured the survival of the Museum & Art Gallery, collecting over 8000 signatures on a petition in one month.

The Save Worthing Museum & Art Gallery Campaign was supported by...

  • Revolutionary Arts Group
  • West Sussex Art Society
  • Worthing Arts Council
  • The Friends of Worthing Museum & Art Gallery
  • Inpiration by Design
  • The Bamboo Band
  • Newnum Art
  • Rainbow Theatre
  • West Sussex Writers' Club
  • Worthing Camera Club
  • 12 Miles West
  • Findon Community Website
  • Open Doors (Chichester Art Trail)
  • SusArt
  • Sunny Worthing Art Group
  • Worthing Archaelogical Society
  • West Sussex Geological Society
  • Acorn Painting Club

and 8001 people signed the petition which was delivered to Worthing Borough Council!

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