This is the original manifesto, written when Revolutionary Arts (then known as the Revolutionary Arts Groop or sometimes just the Groop) was formed at 12 Miles West studios, Worthing.  It outlines where the artists, makers, designers and photographers we were working with then wanted to go (a number of them signed up to it while it was on display in the studios and are listed at the end) - and it still informs all that Revolutionary Arts do today.

We, the undersigned, are committed to promoting the practice and understanding of the contemporary arts.

This includes the visual arts: painting, printing and photography:
performing arts: theatre, dance and performance:
and other practices.

It includes work in and outside of traditional arts venues.

We believe art to be: A vital part of the personal experience: An important means of individual expression: A tool to build a better person and a better society: Empowering: Forceful: Available to all.

Artists must be individual, aware and awake to possibility: Responsible: And true to that, that makes the self.

Written and signed by Dan Thompson, October 2000
Originally signed by Duncan Thrussell, Tracey Rozier, Mike Parkes, Melissa Farmery, Gary Goodman, Natasha Longridge, Clive Vosper, Stuart Elliot, Philip Ridler, RS Pledger, R.L.Ball

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