Recent Events:

A New Play - 'You' by Mark Wilson (BBC Radio) & 'Reach' by Suzanne Heathcote 

Waterstones, Montague Street, Worthing

'Reach' by Suzanne Heathcote - Cafe Performances

The Sanctuary, Hove

Mintie's, Bognor Regis

The Crypt, Chichester

'New Short Play Writing For Theatre' Workshop Day

five writers, seven actors, led by Martin Harris

(Connaught Theatre/ Chichester Festival Theatre/ Brighton Festival/ Theatre Clwyd)

Coming soon ...

The next in our series of 'overheards' which takes place during a bus journey!


Buzz is developing 'Living Values' work in secondary schools in partnership with the local authority

About Buzz Theatre and 'overheards'

The debut performances by Buzz provided a valuable experience for writers, actors, the production team, audiences and local business. Buzz commissioned a short play – ‘Reach’ by Suzanne Heathcote – which was performed in Hitchcock’s Café, Worthing as part of the Artists & Makers Festival. Audiences were 83% of the possible total house, and due to demand an extra performance was staged.

“Thanks so much for that it was inspiring in more ways than one. It has also told me how I really want to write.”

“Matt and I loved the play … I'm currently writing commissioned full length plays for Soho and Hampstead Theatres, so as a contrast, writing something very short, small-scale and local would be very appealing to me.”

The play is the first in a series of short 'Overheards', a type of theatre the company is developing with writers in which the audience appear to 'overhear' a conversation in the place and at the time that it might actually happen - in this case a cafe.

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