The Business & Enterprise Gallery at Littlehampton Community School (LCS)

During the ten days of the Business & Enterprise Gallery Summer School, thirty children will learn how to set up and host their own art gallery: showcasing and selling the work of Sussex artists.  Developing their skills in communication, ICT, business and enterprise, the students will have a thrilling and challenging fortnight working with the Revolutionary Arts Group's Dan Thompson and other arts and business professionals! 


And the Business & Enterprise Gallery will open to family, friends, business partners and VIP guests on Thursday 4th August 2005 from 2-6pm. 


The pressure will be on to deliver a professional and stimulating experience that can compete with the best in the area.  The students will be supported by a wide range of industry experts and local artists to deliver this very real, commercial project, including a behind-the-scenes trip to the stunning Tate Modern in London. The venue for th Business & Enterprise Gallery (and where the children will work) will be the fabulous nRoddick Enterprise Centre at LCS.


Business & Enterprise Gallery Business Partners

Gifted & Talented Summer School Manager: 

Sara Hopkins, Community Liaison Manager

T: 01903 711148

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