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People and places have inspired and informed the Revolutionary Arts work since it was formed in 2000. In exploring the local, it often acts as a creative alchemist bringing together artists, makers and thinkers with local authorities, community groups and other arts organisations.

The group make all sorts of things for all sorts of audiences, from big festivals to intimate 'kitchen table' networking events, and particularly enjoy short, temporary interventions.

Since 2001, Revolutionary Arts have established artists' open houses in Worthing and Horsham; painted giant murals with young people; exhibited work by hundreds of artists in galleries, arts centres, empty shops and churches; published a poetry anthology; used environmentally-friendly paint to produce a massive panorama in an eco-centre; managed community arts festivals; and sent artists and poets back to school to inspire children.

You can see images from past events in the Revolutionary Arts archives (2003-2009 only) or on Flickr

With the Empty Shops Network, Revolutionary Arts have brought together people from across the UK who are exploring the high street. The Empty Shops Network has managed projects in Brighton, Brixton, Carlisle, Coventry, Kilburn, Shoreham by Sea and the group's hometown of Worthing. The network has also published the Empty Shops Workbook and Toolkit; staged the country's first Empty Shops Conference; and provided speakers for events from the top of the country to the bottom - including Belfast, the Midlands, Cumbria, London and the South Coast.

Some things Revolutionary Arts do happen regularly, some happen when enough people come together, and some projects pop-up once and are never seen again. Some projects are in traditional arts venues, but most are outside them in empty shops, public spaces or in the open air.  Some projects are big and visible, but some happen below the radar. 

Underlying all the activity is a commitment to supporting early-career, emerging and semi-professional creative people as they develop their lives, skills and careers.

By making things and supporting others, Revolutionary Arts gives people a chance to experience, enjoy and understand the contemporary arts in the places where they live.

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Plain English
"Revolutionary Arts support the use of Plain English because it means we can talk to more people about what we're passionate about, and they'll understand what we're saying." 

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