About artistsandmakers.com


artistsandmakers.com was Revolutionary Arts online arts magazine, providing news, reviews and events listings for events across the UK from 2003-2012. Closed in 2012, the site is being kept live as an archive, with over 1300 articles and an events database of over 1200 exhibitions, workshops and performances. It may be brought back to life in the future.

The site was also home to the Empty Shops Network, promoting creative reuse of the nation's empty shops. Helping to create a DIY Movement, the Empty Shops Network shared resources like the Empty Shops Toolkit to help artists and entrepreneurs to reclaim their high streets and turn private spaces into public places. That work continues at emptyshopsnetwork.co.uk 


For nine years, the site was edited by Dan Thompson, and he still blogs at danthompson.co.uk

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