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  • Rainbow Theatre (2,042)
    Rainbow has been working continually now for twenty years, building up a unique relationship with schools and adult audiences. The Company combines enormous theatre experience and expertise, with enthusiastic, talented young professional actors. Everyone is committed to the idea of making live-theatre truly magical
  • Theatre Absolute (675)
    Theatre Absolute has earned a glowing reputation for its work, most notably through the making of Street Trilogy, (Car, Raw, Kid), which thrilled audiences at the Edinburgh Festival, and toured both the UK and Europe to huge critical acclaim.

    Since 1999, all of the company's work has been written by Chris O'Connell.

    Telling stories of ordinary people caught in extraordinary situations, the company places an emphasis on character and narrative to create highly imagined worlds. This has been explored through an intensely robust performance style, rhythmic and heightened text, a striking use of design, and unique soundscapes which intensify the momentum of the narrative and the experience of the audience, as the force of the play gathers around them.
  • Theatre Akimbo (671)
    Theatre Akimbo's core repertoire is to focus on fresh, bold, ambitious new productions that represent and reflect the diversity of everyday people and everyday situations.

    At the heart of everything they do is the passionately held belief that quality theatre does not have to be elitist. Their aim is to take rich, compelling, provocative and entertaining theatre that is relevant to as wide an audience as possible. Pioneering a new-wave of non-professional theatre; ensuring that quality theatre is accessible to all walks of life and not just reserved for the professional arena.

    They focus on the art of acting and aim to attract the best local actors, directors, designers and technicians to deliver theatre that is inventive, original and leading edge in its genre.
  • thinktanktheatre (727)
    thinktanktheatre is a Sussex based theatre company launched in January 2004 by its co-founders Jane Huxley and Saul Ware.
    thinktanktheatre is dedicated to creating a repertoire of entertaining, intelligent and thought provoking work for performance at a wide variety of venues. thinktanktheatre will strive to create work of the highest quality.

    The work will consist of performances of scripts from existing well known and lesser known texts, from adaptations of existing works whether those works be films, television, literature, art or other media and from new texts either written by the company or commissioned by the company.

    The work will be performed at a wide variety of venues, which will not be exclusively theatres.