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  • J.M.Harvey (1,554)
    Website of poet J.M.Harvey, also features short fiction and photos.
  • Padmacandra (Pippa Meek) (1,155)
    Padmacandra (Pippa Meek) is poetry editor for the Buddhist Arts Magazine "Urthona" (, and edited an anthology of contemporary buddhist poetry ("The Heart as Origami" - Rising Fire Press, 2002)featuring work by Grevel Lindop, Linda France, Sam Hamill, and many others.
    Her own work has been published in anthologies and magazines (Other Poetry, Orbis, The interpreters House, Tears in the Fence, Acumen and many others).
  • Republic of Heaven (1,037)
    With a title taken from Philip Pullman's 'His Dark Materials' trilogy, this site features poetry, writing and more by a Worthing resident, James Doyle. Enjoy!
  • West Sussex Writers' Club (1,114)
    A community writing group supporting local and national writers and poets who are interested in joining a group, to be inspired and meet new people.