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  • Djambass Music (705)
    Djambass Music supports and encourages cultural exchange through promoting and organising African music performance and workshops in the UK and taking people to Africa to study music there. Featuring
    YIRI BAA - West African Manding High-Life Band; The Djembe Divas - 'All Woman'advanced workshop drumming group; regular workshops for all stages.
  • No Music Day (919)
    Bill Drummond's No Music Day is an aspiration, an idea, an impossible dream, a nightmare.

    There are as many reasons for marking No Music Day as there are people willing to observe it - or reject it.

    No Music Day is on the 21st of November this and every year.

    No Music Day is on the 21st of November because the 22nd of November is Saint Cecilia's day. Saint Cecilia is the patron saint of music. In many countries the 22nd of November was the day chosen to give thanks for and to celebrate the existence of music.

    No Music Day has nothing to sell.

    There is no mission statement.
  • Richard Durrant (1,271)
    Classically trained muso who prefer to dabble in folk, funky acoustic and weird electronic music.
  • The Actionettes (978)
    Fantastic all-girl 60s dance troupe who choreograph synchronised routines to songs by 60s girl groups, such as the Shangri-Las, the Ronnettes, the Marvelettes, and other 60s icons such as Nancy Sinatra and Dusty Springfield.
  • The Bamboo Band (2,901)
    An always-colourful, often-chaotic calypso carnival, The Bamboo Band are one of the South Coast's most unusual and entertaining live acts.