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Writing's on the wall with Twitter artwork

Over the past few months Wasted Spaces has been on a mission to put a smile (literally) on the face of Wembley. This ongoing project involving interventions and temporary installations is set to expand through London in the summer months.

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Surreal gallery opens for free

Visitors will have the chance to explore Pallant House Gallery's summer exhibition, ‘Surreal Friends’ without paying a penny when the Chichester gallery opens for free for the day to mark the annual London 2012 Open Day.

Described by the art critic Richard Cork as ‘really fascinating and impressive’, ‘Surreal Friends’ features works by the English painter Leonora Carrington, the Spanish painter Remedios Varo and the Hungarian photographer Kati Horna, and tells the story of their personal and artistic friendship since meeting in Mexico City in 1943.

Visitors will also be invited to take part in a special Open Weekend event to mark the annual UK-wide countdown to the Olympic and Paralympic Games. Led by the Portsmouth-based artist Jon Adams, visitors will be encouraged to make flags from recycled book pages and ‘plant’ them in the Gallery studio.
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A Dark Day In Paradise

A Dark Day In Paradise is an installation by Clare Twomey at the Royal Pavilion in Brighton until January 2011. Thousands of black ceramic butterflies swarm in the Banqueting Room, the Great Kitchen and the Entrance Hall, and flutter darkly throughout the ground floor of the royal palace.

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Empty shop home to Wabi Sabi exhibition

An empty shop being used temporarily as an art studio and gallery is the perfect venue for an exhibition which explores a Japanese concept which celebrates the temporary and transient nature of objects.

The ancient Japanese philosophy of 'Wabi Sabi' is notoriously enigmatic, elusive and difficult to define through words. In this new exhibition a group of Sussex-based artists will explore the theme through photography, film, painting, ceramics and poetry – seeking to coax beauty out of ugliness, and find it in the everyday, the ordinary and the impermanent.

“If you have ever seen the story in a piece of weathered driftwood, felt the tears in a faded photo, or witnessed the ephemeral beauty of a dew drop catching the morning sun on a leaf,” says organiser Nigel Thompson, “then the essence of the Wabi Sabi aesthetic will speak to you.”
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¡VAMOS! Festival uses empty shop

An empty shop in the centre of Newcastle will be used as part of ¡VAMOS! Festival.

Curated by Peruvian photographer, Sergio A. Fernandez, the space will host ‘Modernity in the Peruvian Andes’. The exhibition of documentary photography from the 1920s- 1940s features work by Martin Chambi and the Cabrera Brothers, and this is the first time the exhibition has been shown in North East of England.

¡VAMOS! Festival has taken over 18 New Bridge Street, opposite the entrance to the new Central Library. Titled the Cultura del Espacio, the space will be open daily 12-4pm with music, talks, food and dance demonstrations.
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Shop becomes studio to explore Seven Days in Seven Dials

A temporary exhibition put together by staff from London's major cultural organisations and the team behind the Empty Shops Network's touring project will offer a unique and special exhibition, Seven Days in Seven Dials; a week in the life of London's Culture Quarters.

The staff are all part of the Culture Quarter Programme, a collaboration between nine prestigious arts organisations which are providing 34 young unemployed people between the ages of 18-24, the opportunity to gain six months’ valuable work experience within the cultural and creative sector.  The staff are working at Create KX, Design Council, English National Opera, Exhibition Road, The Hospital Club, National Portrait Gallery, the Royal Opera House, Somerset House and the V&A Museum.

Working closely with professional podcasters, photographers and artists, the Culture Quarter Programme participants will spend a week using 18 Shorts Gardens, Seven Dials as a studio. They will produce audio tour podcasts, short videos and exhibition material exploring the history of the local area; the artistic, cultural and historical links between the organisations involved in the project, and individual experiences of the participant’s day-to-day activities within their organisations.

Dan Thompson, one of the innovators behind and perhaps best known as founder of the Empty Shops Network, said; “Our mission is to take art and culture to the high street, using shops and empty spaces as places for experimentation and exploration. This time we'll be bringing podcasters and photographers, writers and illustrators with us, navigating around the magnificent Seven Dials and showing young staff from London's leading cultural institutions a whole new way of working.”

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Nightmares and Fairytales

Nightmares & Fairytales takes the visitor on an unusual journey to somewhere otherworldly – the land of Steve Bomford’s dark, brooding images and Anna Mathewson’s twisted sprites. There’s magic here.
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ImaGen: Empty Shops, Market Way

The first ImaGen awareness event is set to take place in one of the newly kitted out Empty Shops on Market Way, Portsmouth. Come on down to find out more about the project, have a look at the equipment and meet the people who'll be involved.
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Recycling and Art combined at Horsham Open Studios 2010

From 11am to 6pm over the weekends of 19, 20, and 26, 27 June 2010 artists in the Horsham area will be opening their doors to the public, allowing them an insight into the wealth of art in the area and the opportunity to talk to the artists about their techniques and inspirations.
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Fred Pipes cheers up Brighton cinema

Brighton & Hove City Council has installed Art Deco images by artist Fred Pipes on the empty Astoria cinema site in Brighton.

The screenprints and digital images feature local landmarks in the style of 1930s posters and include an image of the Astoria cinema, specially drawn for this display. Other images on the building include Shoreham Airport, Embassy Court and the Seven Sisters.

The Shoreham Airport image was originally used as the cover of the Artists & Makers Festival guide, when Pipes joined in Worthing's open houses to exhibit at Thompson Towers. Fred Pipes also exhibits regularly at the Dragonfly House as part of the Brighton Open Houses.