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The Lore of the Land exhibition

Worthing artists Peter and Sarah Sarah Slight have a new exhibition starting this weekend at Gloucester Museum and Art Gallery. Its based around legends, folklore and storytelling.

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Brighton Mini Maker Faire

Maker Faire is an event celebrating the crafting and DIY movement that started in California and now happens in cities and towns all over the globe. There's one coming up in Brighton on 3rd September at the Dome - the first to happen in the South of the UK.

At Brighton Mini Maker Faire you can expect to see such mind-boggling things as self-balancing electric skateboards, gingerbread ghetto blasters, subsonic submarines, mechanical musical hats, an interactive mirror, a giant Etch-a-Sketch, a stringless singing ukelele, Japanese kanzashi flowers, battling daleks and robots and much, much more. And it's not just about watching - you can make things yourself, too. Learn to knit, crochet, felt and solder; see railway carriages being restored and have your brainwaves turned into sounds.
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Worthing Artist selected for Battle Contemporary Fine Art Fair 2011

Worthing based artist Erica Sturla has been selected for the second year running to exhibit at the Battle Contemporary Fine Art Fair.

Fast establishing itself as an essential part of the South East arts calendar, the annual Battle Art Fair Exhibition draws together a wide range of new and recent work by established and emerging artists in a comprehensive range of media.

Erica trained at art school in the 1980s and specialised in Fashion illustration and journalism. Her working background is graphic design and illustration.
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Artist-in-residence at Worthing Museum

Artist Christine Forbes - a regular exhibitor with Revolutionary Arts - is working on a new set of drawing during a residency at a museum.

Forbes has been invited to select paintings from the diverse art collection at Worthing Museum and Art Gallery. She has selected a range of paintings on the theme of trees. During July and August she is in residency in the gallery, producing new work inspired by her choice from the collection.
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Birds and Beasts exhibition

Peter Slight and Sarah Shaw have a joint exhibition opening shortly on the Isle of Wight,

The exhibition titled ‘Birds and Beasts’ is at Quay Arts, Sea Street, Newport, Isle of Wight, O30 5BD from Saturday 30 July – Saturday 10 September. It's a fun, family-based exhibition of quirky, curious, mixed media models, paper engineering pictures and embellished photographs, all inspired by nature and British wildlife.

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50 years of abstract painting at Tate St Ives

Forty-nine artists from the 1960s onwards are showing how abstract painting has stayed relevant in a new exhibition at Tate St Ives.

Selected by British painter Daniel Sturgis, the exhibition titled 'the Indiscipline of Painting' looks at how abstract painting has been revisited and reinvented by artists over the last 50 years. It goes on to demonstrate the way in which the history and legacy of abstract painting continues to inspire artists working today.
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Photographer captures 21st century Butlins

Documentary photographer Anna Fox records the modern face of Butlins in a new exhibition called 'Resort' at Pallant House Gallery

For two years Fox has been photographing life at Butlin’s Southcoast World in West Sussex. The 'Resort' photographs marks the 75th anniversary of Butlins: a British institution and established cultural phenomenon, with a very particular character, history and identity. Having attracted tens of millions of holidaymakers since its creation in 1936, Butlins’ popularity peaked in the 1970s, but, today it is making a comeback.
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Regeneration at the Bubble Chamber

The Bubble Chamber has shown how art and culture can regenerate city centres by reimagining empty shops for artistic ventures throughout the West Midlands.

Over 18 months the Bubble Chamber has been animating void spaces with live performance, film and computer technology. In Coventry, the initiative has been so successful that a resurgence of interest in a small but significant part of the city can be credited to local artists making a regenerative statement. Oliver Scott explains:

‘There are many artists in Coventry looking for creative spaces to develop their projects. Working in empty shops presents a new platform for engaging the public at street level’.
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Windows wow shoppers

A new, free exhibition by Mercurial Dance will bring an unexpected glow to Coventry’s City Arcade in May and June. ‘Glow’ – an interactive digital art piece – will excite the public as their movement is captured on three TV screens and multiple cameras, bringing to life the windows of the Bubble Chamber, an empty shops venue at 8 City Arcade.
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Webcam, sketchbook and film for Runcorn empty shops project

The window of one of Runcorn old town's shops will be used as a living sketch book showing the work of two telented local artists from Working Title Artists Collective.

Just like a sketch book it will always be changing and reflect the ideas of the artists and local people as they pop up. If you are around at the same time as the artists you may even be asked to join in - or get involved at

Beth Barlow and Jason Sheppard have spent the last few weeks learning about Runcorn's commercial past and working alongside local people to get ideas for their project.

It is part of the latest Creative Runcorn project, which has seen a 'flash mob' type project which caught the imagination of the press and public and a town centre knit which was featured on BBC North West Tonight and Radio1's Newsbeat.

Later in the year Working Title will be taking a webcam robot into the places in Runcorn you wouldn't normally get to see, behind the shutters and boards of closed down shops.

Some of what the robot finds will be items left behind by the most recent occupants, other bits will be objects from the past and the artists and local people might even add some ideas about what the future might hold for Runcorn.

Empty shops in Runcorn are providing an artistic and cultural renaissance for the town - with a project based on the history on the old town.

The project funded through the Arts Council England and working in partnership with Halton Borough Council has already brought the artistic pair into contact with local traders to collect and chat about objects which reflect Runcorn now.

The group has also had help from local writers and historians and residents and market shoppers.