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Sussex Arts Map Launched

Looking for theatre in Sussex? Want to know where arts and education meet in the county? Would like to know which venues have visual arts and which are just for music?

The new Sussex Arts Map from the Revolutionary Arts Group, available as a free pdf from this website, will get you where you need to be.

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Statue Stolen for Scrap

It is surely the end of civilisation as we know it when bronze statues are stolen for their scrap value.
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Guild Care's Greenhouse Not So Green?

The latest issue of Worthing's alternative news-sheet The Porkbolter is questioning the eco credentials of The Greenhouse, the environmental centre which features a 20-metre mural by RAG artists.

Under the headline 'Not such a green house?' The Porkbolter says "has one of Worthing’s biggest charities pretended to be green just to get its hands on lottery cash? That's the question being asked about Guild Care, which opened the Greenhouse in East Worthing".

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Global Culture at the Crossroads

EditorialWhilst Danish flags burned and Muslim activists called for the beheading of cartoonists, the BNP's Nick Griffin was acquited from allegations of stirring up racial hatred. Last week was strange, but an indication of the world that we are now entering. I have been watching closely the growth of Islamic extremism for over twenty years now and I am trying hard to repress a cry of "I told you so!" What I am particularly concerned about is the kind of environment set before us as artists.
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The Religious Hatred Bill and the Arts

Five days after the London bombings and our political leaders are still assuring us that these events will not, in any way, change the values of our society. This would be a nebulous statement at the best of times, but it has become even more puzzling when seen in the light of the fact that on 12th July the Commons debated 'The Religious Hatred Bill'. Should it become law it will be the biggest blow to freedom of expression in the UK since the English Civil War.

With the anti-Muslim backlash, involving mobs vandalising mosques, we can see the reasons why such a bill is being considered. The aim is to protect people from organisations like the BNP inciting hatred against religious minorities.

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Government Drops Religious Hate Law

The government has dropped plans to introduce laws banning Incitement to Religious Hatred before the election after coming under intense pressure from both opposition parties and a coalition of groups co-ordinated by Barnabas Fund who oppose the laws on free speech grounds.
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Odysseys into Obscurity

One of my constant rants found in contributions to this here Reviews page is my disappointment that the younger generation of today never create anything really very new, especially in the way of popular music. One apect of this lack of imagination can be seen in the demise of the 'concept album'. Ridiculed as 'self-indulgent' by the time punk came along in the late 70s, the concept album has a special place in the memory of many who can remember pre-Anarchy in the UK. Whilst my more shallow school chums were staring into the mirror putting the finishing touches to their wedges and practicing chat-up lines, some of us were wondering why life was so unfair and finding escape in Tolkien and 'Dark side of the moon'.