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Lloyd Davis Q&A

Lloyd Davis, describe yourself in three words Human-scale social storyteller

Who or what inspires you? People who connect as people. organising without organisations

What puts a smile on your face? People who don’t know each other already (but should) making that first connection

Who do you admire the most? Too many to choose from - anyone from Hand Made (ed. Tessy Britton)

Email Article To a Friend View Printable Version's editor wins at Coast Awards 2011

Artist and editor of Dan Thompson has been crowned the ‘Unsung Coastal Hero’ in the Coast Awards 2011, in association with Joules.

The award was given in recognition of his work to use the arts to support regeneration in his hometown of Worthing, and for his wider work to bring empty shops across the country back into use.

Dan has worked in the arts since the age of 13, when he joined a community arts project at the Connaught Theatre. He is a founder of Rainbow Shakespeare, whose inaugural production was Twelfth Night on Worthing Beach. He was also involved in Shoreham's Beach Dreams Festival for many years. Since 2000, he has run Revolutionary Arts, which has founded trails of open houses and studios in Horsham and Worthing, as well as pioneering the use of empty shops for arts projects.

The annual Coast Awards celebrate the people and places that represent all that is innovative, valuable and exciting around the British coastline. This year’s ten categories include Best Boutique Hotel by the Sea, Best-Loved Pier, Best Green Marine Campaign, Unsung Coastal Hero and the Joules Award for Best Coastal Path.

Coast magazine was inundated with thousands of votes from across the UK and, searching for the very best Britain’s coast has to offer, a panel of seven experts – including TV presenter Michaela Strachan, Director of The Twentieth Century Society Catherine Croft, Managing Director of Joules Tom Joule and Director of Strategy and Communications at VisitBritain Patricia Yates.

The ‘Best British Beach’ and ‘Best Seaside Holiday Destination’ categories were decided on Coast reader votes alone.

TV presenter Michaela Strachan awarded the winners their prizes at the Coast Awards 2011 ceremony, which was held at the Country Living Fair in London.
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The Caravan Gallery Q&A are asking interesting artists, creatives and people working in the arts, heritage and creative sector some essential questions.

This interview was originally completed as part of Made In South Kilburn, a Made Labs project for the Empty Shops Network's Workshop 24 space in South Kilburn. 

The Caravan Gallery is a mobile exhibition space, visual arts project and event space run by artists Jan Williams and Chris Teasdale. So, we ask Jan and Chris from The Caravan Gallery to tell us about themselves:

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Banksy in Hastings?

It's August, and in true British style even the artists have been heading for the seaside.

Debate has been raging on the Hastings Creatives mailing list after a piece of stencil-cut graffiti appeared in the town. Resembling a Banksy, it shows a child building a sandcastle decorated with the word 'Tesco'. So is it or isn't it an original by the notorious artist?

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It’s time to reclaim street corners

The government announced this week that 1,300 playgrounds across 132 councils have been axed to save £235m. This news comes out a week after Play England released research showing that 81% of people believe that “children playing outside helped to improve community spirit” and 70% say it makes an area “more desirable” to live in, but 50% saying that it is too dangerous to play outdoors unsupervised.

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Brian Eno's appeal: prioritise arts funding if you want a healthy society

The Minister for Culture, Communications and Creative Industries says on this website: "The arts and cultural sector will feel its share of the painful spending decisions that are being taken." Some sectors, however, are being protected from cuts. This article makes a case for prioritising arts funding.

On the eve of the UK's budget cuts announcements, 23 May 2010, in the Brighton Dome, Brian Eno appealed to government to fund the arts. Without the arts, ran the subtext of Eno's message, our society can’t develop properly.

Eno started out by explaining that he was addressing the proposed cuts in arts funding by the British government. He noted there are no proposals to cut funding to the Trident nuclear missile programme, and said he was not proud of the fact that Britain is the number two arms producer in the world. He said the arts community is failing to sell itself to government as successfully as the arms industry. The arts community is failing to convince government of the importance of the arts.
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Free photo print offer


To celebrate the launch of his new website, photographer Justin Sainsbury is giving away 5 free 10’’x 15’’ prints to the first 5 people that contact him via

Justin will print, package, send (or deliver in the Worthing area) any picture from the site as long as it’s dated 2006 or later (see ‘image info’ for dates).




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Guest editorial; 'Government and the arts' by Ed Vaizey MP

The government’s role in the arts is a simple but challenging one. We have a responsibility to support and encourage; creating the right circumstances to enable the creative industries and the arts to thrive whilst not interfering and over burdening and defending the fundamental principle that art and culture are for everyone, not just a privileged few.

We also have the added challenge of achieving this in a financial climate more testing than most of us will ever have lived through. This government, quite rightly, is talking to the public and our key sectors about the tough spending decisions that need to be taken but I want to be equally clear about those things that we are absolutely committed to protecting. Let there be no ambiguity - arts and culture, under this government are important and are part of the mainstream of our policy – not an ‘add-on’ or a ‘wouldn’t it be nice to’.

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We are 10 in 2010

As we head in to 2010, the team at Revolutionary Arts Group HQ are planning a special year of events.

The group will celebrate its 10th birthday in October 2010. The act that brought the group together was a manifesto written by Dan Thompson and posted on the wall of 12 Miles West studio. The manifesto claimed equality for all art forms, and advocated work 'in and outside of traditional arts venues'.

Since then, the Revolutionary Arts Group have staged hundreds of events, founded artists' open house schemes in two towns, established a contemporary arts festival in their home town and worked nationally with the foundation of the Empty Shops Network. And the website has become a focus for artists, arts groups and audiences in South-East England. 

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Craft Pegg chosen for Splash Point redesign

Craft Pegg were have been announced as winners of Worthing's Splash Point redesign.

The understated design has been chosen because of its appeal to the general public, with a misty rainbow fountain that would be on during the summer months, the spread of rocks across beach and prom, and the continuation of the tamarisk trees that are found in a number of the Worthing Seafront localities.

Art involvement would be within written words or images engraved within the stones, (these could be added to or taken away in the future). Slide panels that could either be from an artistic perspective or just information will be projected on the slate. The colour of the cycle pathway is still to be negotiated but will be made of recycled glass that shines with the light.

This was the only design that had also come out slightly under budget and used the most recycled materials. Craft Pegg were always's favourite and we look forward to seeing them start work on a Worthing landmark soon.