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The Death of Nelson by Robert Cohen

thinktanktheatre and The Methvens Studio, Methvens Bookshop, Worthing play host to Monkeydog Productions’ The Death of Nelson.

The Death of Nelson is not a biography of Britain’s favourite monocular naval hero but rather a tragicomical one-man show about people and politics; about friendship and betrayal; about love and regret; and about growing up and growing old (or not, as the case may be).

Set over 18 years between the high tide of Thatcherism and the hopeful dawn of the New Labour ‘project’, the play charts the often turbulent relationship between Richie, his godson Nelson, and Nelson’s parents – student radicals who named their son for Nelson Mandela, but whose radicalism is eroded on the long journey to government. Meanwhile, as Nelson’s parents are losing their idealism, the once apolitical Richie is busy acquiring – and trying to hold onto – some idealism of his own.
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Paul Brown's Old Red Reunion

May 2008 will see the 10th anniversary of the death of popular Worthing actor and drama teacher Paul Brown. 

Local writer Wendy Greene, has teamed up with actors David and Shirley Norton to organise a reunion for friends, students and actors involved in Brown's work
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From Worthing With Love

A Worthing night that mixes live music, performance poetry, comedy and the pub quiz takes a sideways look at love this month. Eclectric Ballroom will feature singer-songwriters, poets and storytellers alongside an off-the-wall quiz - and it's all themed around Valentine's Day.

Singer-songwriters Pete Fijalkowski and Kieran Garland will make appearances. And the popular Ross Absel Maurice, inspired by artists as diverse as Jeff Buckley and Radiohead, will make a return to Eclectric Ballroom. Each performer will play one of their own compositions and a cover version, and talk about their choices. Of course, they will all be playing love songs
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The Cinema Where The Audience Choose The Film

You pick the film, we'll provide the cinema and the popcorn - that's the offer from the organisers of Worthing Film Club.

The group was founded in November 2007, by a group of film fans keen to see a wider range of films on show in Worthing. In 2007, the group showed short films during an Artists and Makers exhibition, and Indian film The Chess Players at Worthing's historic Dome. And in early 2008, Worthing Film Club arranged a showing of an early film by Spanish filmmaker Pedro Almodóvar. The next film, American Splendor, has been chosen by one of the club's members, who will introduce it before a one-off screening at the Dome.
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Write Erotic

Be it a work of erotic literature, or a scene in a murder mystery, writing about sex can be fraught with fears and inhibitions.

Kay Sexton presents a five session evening course on how to master the genre with confidence and panache. Includes a fool-proof route on how to get your work published.
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"The Puzzle Box", a story for children by Edward Picot

"She went up the stairs to her Dad's room, just in time to see something terrible happen. Her Dad was sitting at his desk. To his left was the wall, and there was something black on it. At first Dora thought it must be a big spider; then that her Dad must have somehow splashed ink or black paint onto the wallpaper; but then she saw that it was moving and growing bigger..."

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If All the World Were Paper

Children’s theatre company Oily Cart take audiences on a magical multi-sensory journey of discovery to an imaginary world made entirely of paper.

Aimed at children aged two to five, If All the World Were Paper is inspired by the centuries old nursery-rhyme as well as Victorian paper theatre and comedia dell’arte costume
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Singer-Songwriters, Storytelling and Swapshop

Worthing's must unusual night out returns on Friday 18th January. Eclectric Ballroom is part-cabaret, part-pop quiz, part 60s-style arts lab, and past events have seen everything from singer-songwriters to short film.

For the first event of 2008, the popular I Predict a Pop Quiz returns. The off-the-wall pub quiz, where a sense of humour is just as important as serious music knowledge is hosted by Pete Fijalkowski.

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Equus at Chichester Festival Theatre

Actor Alfie Allen, younger brother of singer Lily Allen, stars alongside Simon Callow in the cast of the touring production of Equus which opens at Chichester Festival Theatre on Thursday 31 January.

Allen, the son of actor Keith Allen and film producer Alison Owen, will play Alan Strang – a 17 year old with a passion for horses who one night randomly attacks six horses, blinding them with a hoof pick.

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Jackie Wills' Bookshelf Laid Bare

In a new workshop from poetry group The South, Jackie Wills is going to pull some poetry off her bookshelves and introduce people to a selection of contemporary writers who've influenced her. She'll mix this up with writing exercises to show how reading informs all creative work.
The workshop is suitable for both beginners and more experienced poets.

Jackie Wills' first collection of poetry, Powder Tower, was shortlisted for the 1995 TS Eliot Prize and in 2004 she was one of Mslexia magazine's top 10 new women poets. Her fourth collection of poetry, Commandments, was published in 2007.