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Tiernan's Littlest Things promises fulfilled

Brighton Fringe: Tiernan Douieb

Tiernan's Fringe 2010 show Littlest Things focuses on a few moments in his life where individuals surpass all assumed expectations, by performing an act of unexpected kindnes, writes Vicky Hook ...

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Fat Tuesday: great laughs, even better value

Fat Tuesday: Islington, London, with Tim Key, Matt Green, Alex Zane, Nat Luurtsema, Pete Firman, James Acaster and MC Tiernan Douieb

Fat Tuesday, not to be confused with any of those other thyroid-deficient week days, is a comedy night founded, run and usually hosted by one of lonely planet's London landmarks, Tiernan Douieb, writes Vicky Hook.

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There's a gap in Margate old town

When you're viewing an exhibition, how much are you looking at the images in front of you, and how much at the artist behind them? In Tom Duggan's 'Lacuna', showing in a converted print works in Margate, there's nothing but the artist and his actions.

In the centre of a white space are a pile of new, fresh, crisp cardboard boxes, sealed with tape and unmarked. The title of the work is 'Everything I own fits inside these boxes' and there's an explanation as well; for 31 minutes on the 6th of February this year, everything the artist owned was placed inside these boxes. He may have done that for real. Equally, he may not have done, and it's just a neat conceptual idea. It may still be there, in the boxes, in an ex industrial space off Margate seafront. Or not. There would only be one way to tell, and that would involve changing the thing, and then it wouldn't be the same thing we were viewing.

On a shelf is a page ripped from a dictionary, and we're told this page is stolen from a copy of the Oxford English Dictionary belonging to an unspecified public library somewhere in Britain. The page includes the definition of the word lacuna. He may have stolen it. Or not. A lacuna is a gap, an extended silence in a piece of music, a piece of text missing from a book, a lack of something.
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Mark Watson: funny stuff that makes you think

Brighton Festival Fringe, Royal Albion Hotel: Mark Watson

It was a rare treat – and unbelievable value – to catch comedian Mark Watson in action road-testing new material for his forthcoming Do I Know You? tour at the Five Pound Fringe.

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Jus' Like That - Tommy Cooper tribute show does the trick

The Hawth, Crawley: Jus' Like That with Clive Mantle and Carla Mendonca

It took a while to get the audience going in this warm-hearted tribute show to comedy legend Tommy Cooper, but by the end Clive Mantle had them where he wanted them – laughing uproariously.

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Review of 'Polar Bears' by Mark Haddon

Mark Haddon, author of the award winning novel ‘The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time’ has made his first foray into the theatre with a compelling and engaging play, whose subject matter may not sit comfortably with some audiences.

‘Polar Bears’ at the Donmar Warehouse Covent Garden, is about bipolar spectrum disorder and while the play poses more questions than it answers, the result is a superbly crafted work, revealing the intricacies and power play within relationships, yet it also conveys a sense of optimism in the consoling power of romantic, rather than familial love.

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Lo-fi folk unplugged in Brighton music store

There's a sense of excitement as the crowd gathers in North Laine's Resident Music for tonight's instore and largely unplugged set by bright young things Peggy Sue. The hipsters are out in force, the too-cool-to-smile girls are hanging round the edges, and there are a band of photographers lurking in corners.

By the end of the first song, it's easy to see why there's a buzz. Peggy Sue fit squarely into the leftfield, lof-fi folksy Americana niche. Two female vocalists with that delicious catch in their voices that's so popular right now, and tight, well crafted songs. Great sound, cute looks. It's so on-message, so zeitgeisty it's could probably only happen in North Laine or Shoreditch.
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Dan Le Sac vs Scroobius Pip @ Concorde2 29/3/10

In between songs my 16-year old son asked "Do you think I'm the youngest here?" I replied "Yes. Do you think I'm the oldest?" I first came across Dan Le Sac vs Scroobius Pip when a friend sent a link on YouTube to their cult status 'Thou Shalt Kill'. He said they had appeared at the Greenbelt Festival. Our whole family loved the tune and video, so we thought we'd see them in Brighton.

Actually, I wasn't the oldest there.
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Idiot songs from charming genius: Innes element at Shoreham

Neil Innes: A People's Guide to World Domination – The Ropetackle Centre, Shoreham

Neil Innes is charm personified, and a delightful entertainer. He's also a bit of a musical genius, although much of that has been hidden over the years by the consummate silliness of much of his output.

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Freedom of expression, the Law and the 'New Atheism'

In March 2010 Harry Taylor a philosophy tutor and militant atheist, was charged in court for the offense of religious harassment. He was caught dumping literature in the prayer room at Liverpool's John Lennon airport, including "sexually abusive and sexually unpleasant cartoons". Taylor defended his action saying that a prayer room in an airport named after John Lennon was an offense and that he was just spreading his own 'religion of reason'.