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Crazy World of Arthur Brown

Crazy World of Arthur Brown, Adur Festival Marquee Series, 14th June 2003

Arthur Brown and Captain Beefheart were played throughout my childhood. This may explain much.

And from the moment Arthur Brown takes the stage tonight, for a demonic version of 'Hard Rain's Gonna Fall', it's easy to see why he has a place in my memory. His vocal range breaks microphones, summons storms and brings plague and drought on the land. His stage presence - this first number is performed wearing a black veil with a shamanic staff in hand - is equally possessed and possessing. His take on this harrowing Dylan song and on Screamin' Jay Hawkins 'I Put A Spell On You' show that Arthur's magic, despite his apparently devout Christian belief, comes from somewhere altogether darker and more primal - the seat of rock 'n' roll.

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Bamboo Band Launch Adur Festival

I think the Adur Festival launch gig at the War Memorial in Shoreham this year was the best we ever played.

Alison couldn't make it but we had Fred and Marcus on percussion. Also Mike Keech turned up with his son in tow to play brilliant rhythm guitar and percussion. Paul played the best flute I have ever heard him play.

We played the new 'Grand Fromage' song, in honour of the nearby Deli, but unfortunately the people in the shop didn't hear us! We'll send them a recording. The man from La Galleria looked like he wanted a song, so we will have to oblige next year.

We are going to take the recording of this gig, and our gig at the airport, and release a live CD in the summer.

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