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Last Field Place Roundabout

It was Friday 29th October at Field Place, Worthing and the glitter ball shone its constellation of swirling lights upon the disappointing turn-out for the last ever Roundabout at Field Place. The Halloween theme did attract a few new visitors who made the effort with costumes and make-up, but it was mostly performers, their friends attending and the regular Roundabouters. With Nathan Bean's excellent 'pigs heart in a liquidizer' video playing in the background, there was a heart crushing aspect to the evening.

Having said that, the acts were on top form ­ maybe some of the best ever!

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The Power of Nightmares

Strangely coinciding with the reelection of George W. Bush was the conclusion to Adam Curtis' controversial documentary series 'The Power of Nightmares' on BBC 2.

The series argued that in the past governments promised to lead us to Utopia and they failed. Today they want to protect us from our worst nightmares, and so they create terrible scenarios – the current one being global Islamic terrorism.

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CCTV as an art form

"Before September 11th, I think people would be very offended to think that they could be tracked in a theme park," said Feng Chi Wang, president of MetaSignal Inc. "People are more giving now in terms of their civil liberties." Associated Press, 16 November 2001

The Surveilance Camera Players are a group of actors and protestors based in New York, opposed to the use of CCTV in public places.

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Save the World for a Fiver

This is a nicely produced 120 page paperback book with a french fold cover. It costs £5.00 and has fifty ideas which, if implemented by a majority of the population, would change the world for the better.

The book is part of a larger project entitled ‘We Are What We Do’, which is run by Community Links, a charity based in East London addressing issues of social exclusion.

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Ten Careful Owners

Worthing photographer Steve Speller looks set to fill a few Christmas stockings this year.

His new book, Ten Careful Owners, has hit the bookshops and it's a perfect present. In a quirky collection of photographs, Steve has captured old cars and their owners. The pictures were originally shown at Worthing Museum & Art Gallery and during RAG's open houses.

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The Passion of the Christ

I never managed to see Mel Gibson's movie at the cinema around Easter this year. All I heard were the debates and controversies. It was described as anti-semitic, as being a 2 hour gore-fest and was hated by the media and some churchmen. Gibson was called an idiot for thinking he could make money out of a film where the dialogue was mainly in Aramaic, then he was accused of selling out when he previewed the movie to American clergymen who recommended it to their flock. The worst comment was from the arts editor of Vanity Fair who regretted there wasn't a Hell where he could send Gibson for making this film.
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The Hamburg Cell

'The Hamburg Cell' is a docu-drama taking an impassionate look at the perpetrators of the 9/11 terrorist attack on the World Trade Centre. It depicts the development of relationships between the group of Arab Muslims who were studying in Hamburg, Germany in the early 90s - right through to the events of 11th September  2001.
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As Pure as Glass

I want to start this review with an apology. Kim Glass's exhibition at the Brighton Fishing Museum closes two days after I am writing this, so you won't be able to see it unless you read this early in the morning on Saturday 21st August and decide to see it over the weekend.

However, this show is an absolute delight – one of those "Crumbs! If I had walked past I would have missed it!" shows. Kim describes herself as an illustrator, but that title does not really do her work justice. (I've always thought of 'illustrators' as occupying the total anorak wing of the art world). Kim is a painter and print maker.

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Rye Society of Artists Summer Show

It's always satisfying to see a great exhibition. It's even better when you come across it by happenstance.

On the way back from a meeting in Folkestone, RAG artist Debbie Zoutewelle and I made an unscheduled ice-cream stop in Rye. Halfway up a cobbled hill, the Rye Society of Artists Summer Exhibition was taking place.

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Hello from Your Reviews Master!

I just thought I'd say “Hi, it's great to be the Editor of Reviews on Artists and Makers!” So let's hear what you have to say, or send me something you want reviewed. In particular I'm interested in small press comix or artist's books. The weirder the better.