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AIRTime Worthing

Are you a visual artist seeking info on insurance, funding and other professional matters? Do you want to develop your networks and collaborations?

Locate like-minded artists and get timely advice from other artists and experts at AIRTime in Worthing, open to practising visual and applied artists in the South East.
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30 million pounds is enough

It's another big rollover in the Euromillions lottery. An estimated 126 million. That's enough to make anyone sit up and listen, and want to buy a ticket. I play the lottery once in a while, and Euromillions even less frequently. I put my hands up to being sucked in to having a go when the big money rollovers come up. And why wouldn't I, the money would come in handy?

But I started thinking on the way to work this morning. 126m is a lot of money. An awful lot of money. Does anyone really need to win that much?

I remember when the National Lottery launched, and the jackpot was about 6 or 7 million. That seemed like a lot of money back then. It was, and it still is. But next to 126m it sounds like small change. I have been involved in conversations to that effect, where it's hard to imagine anything other than disappointment at winning the Saturday draw, and missing out on the big one.
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TV stars lined up for October 2011 Worthing Comedy Festival

Tickets are expected to go fast for this year’s Worthing Comedy Festival from 13-16 October, with Zoe Lyons, Henning Wehn, Joanna Neary and Paul Kerensa on the bill.

Launched last year by the town’s family-friendly Matt’s Comedy Club, this year's festival features three gigs at club home The Dome Function Suite, which has already played host to top acts Milton Jones, Jo Enright, John Hegley and The Noise Next Door in the past three years.

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Bartie's Boutique

Bartie's Boutique is a new Saturday Boutique that is being launched in Worthing.

The event mixesx is new and contemporary with the upcycled and vintage vibe. Organisers offer a free gift wrap service and are also raising funds for Breast Cancer Research. Some of the confirmed stall holders include Pnoo Industries and Contemporary Lab.

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London Calypso Tent Final, 25 Aug 2011

I was at this very well attended event at the Tabernacle in Powis Square, London.

Calypso finals are fabulous: the calypsonians know this is their moment and put everything into their performance. Each gets one song. The judges' decision is final, although usually much derided.

Due to the recent riots, political developments in the UK, and the threat to Notting Hill Carnival, this was a more political event than we have seen for some time. This can only be a good thing I feel.

These were the performers. Unfortunately I didn't get a copy of the running order (it seemed they only had one copy) or take notes so this is from memory.

Cleopatra, singing a song along the lines of "give us back the right to beat our children".

Rev B, with his song "Foreigners". This was about how the British are dismissive of foreigners, but when they need someone to work on a building site, clean up, etc. -- "Foreigners" do it. I thought this was the best song of the night.

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Village SOS BBC1

BBC broadcast an interesting programme inspiring others to breathe community back into villages.
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Now In Lemon

Now in Lemon, Issue One. 40 page black and white booklet, A5 approx, RISO printed.

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Brighton Mini Maker Faire

Maker Faire is an event celebrating the crafting and DIY movement that started in California and now happens in cities and towns all over the globe. There's one coming up in Brighton on 3rd September at the Dome - the first to happen in the South of the UK.

At Brighton Mini Maker Faire you can expect to see such mind-boggling things as self-balancing electric skateboards, gingerbread ghetto blasters, subsonic submarines, mechanical musical hats, an interactive mirror, a giant Etch-a-Sketch, a stringless singing ukelele, Japanese kanzashi flowers, battling daleks and robots and much, much more. And it's not just about watching - you can make things yourself, too. Learn to knit, crochet, felt and solder; see railway carriages being restored and have your brainwaves turned into sounds.
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The Bournemouth Air Show 2011

The mixed feeling of emotion as Bournemouth makes national news twice in one air festival.
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Film festival gets screenings on location

There's a night of zombie madness when an unusual film festival finds the perfect location for screenings in a seaside town.

Buzz Lightyear and friends take over a nursery, an award-winning film about migratory geese is shown at a wetlands centre and in the highlight of the festival zombies take over a shopping centre. It's all part of the On Location Film Festival which takes place in and around Worthing from 18th September - 2nd October this year.

The festival, now in it's third year, shows movies in locations that have a specific relevance to the film. It starts on Sunday September 18th with a free screening (tickets must be booked in advance) of the Oscar winning film Cinema Paradiso, about a Scillian town's relationship with it's cinema. In keeping with some key scenes in the movie, the film will be screened outside the Connaught Theatre onto the wall of a nearby building, with Union Place being closed off for traffic on the night, and the audience enjoying free Barefoot Wine plus olives courtesy of Coast Cafe. In the event that the night is affected by rain, the film will be screened the following evening.