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Other Nature: Antlers Gallery, Bristol, launch an emerging scene of artists in London

Antlers Gallery is one of the most recent and intriguing editions to Bristol’s art scene. Launched in 2010 they represent an emerging group of artists who bring contemporary interpretations to traditional methods and subjects.

Central to all the artist’s work are skill-based practices, good draughtsmanship with a particular focus on drawing and painting. Works with strong narrative elements, pieces that evoke a sense of the uncanny and references to the natural world also unify the artists. For the first time this rapidly developing Bristol scene will be on show in London, with the Antlers curated show – ‘Other Nature’.
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She Makes... music in offices

On March 22nd She Makes War embarks on The Watercooler War Tour - performing 10 minute sets in offices in and around London and making a short film to raise awareness about water conservation on World Water Day.

Performing three of her most watery songs on acoustic guitar, ukulele and voice, Kidd also aims to prompt discussions around how we participate in and support live music by bringing workers together in their office's social space.

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Wanted; the Big Society fixer

You want to put on a street party, but the people helping you to organise are worried. What about health and safety? What about insurance? Isn’t it going to be a nightmare to get permission to close the road?

You want use an empty location or you want to use the local the park as a temporary comedy club, but the more you think about it, the more you can only see an unfurling map of headaches dealing with all the bureaucratic hurdles. You want create a floating craft market for the town, it will move around and pop up all over the place… a short-term sculpture park on an unused patch of land … you have a dozen ideas for doing things, and you want to manifest these great thoughts, but you dread the struggle.

In my decade as a local and national journalist, there was always a steady supply of stories about the problems people faced when they wanted to do something. Interviewing them, the frustration they felt always connected with me. These were clearly people who wanted to offer and do and who were thwarted by a system that seemed focussed on regulatory compliance rather than enabling its citizenry to act, to create. The refrain always the same: “I just wish someone would make all this stuff easy.” Or “I just want to be able to go and see one person and them to tell me what I need to do and help with the forms.” or “There are a lot of people at the council paid to stop things happening, who is being paid to make things happen?”

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Open Mic Night seeks new comedy acts

It's an Open Mic Night for Worthing family-friendly comedy hosts Matt's Comedy Club's first gig of 2012 at The Dome Function Suite on Thursday 8 March.

Physical comedian Richard Vobes (pictured) – who had a great response last year when he supported TV's surreal one-liner king Milton Jones – tops the bill and a host of acts old and new are promised.

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open submissions - PLAN.OPEN

PLAN.OPEN is an innovative series of group exhibitions at the new Arbeit Gallery near London’s infamous Old Street. International and UK based emerging artists working in 2D and 3D are invited to submit work. The theme is decided on a monthly basis and judged by representatives of Arbeit. The exhibitions are open to everyone with a low submission fee of £5 to create equal opportunities.

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Apply for studio space at Phoenix Brighton.

Phoenix Brighton runs a gallery, an education programme, residencies, events, and over 100 artists’ studios all under one roof. Working with local, national and international artists, Phoenix aim to provide a place for where imagination, experimentation, and discussion.


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Pigs Might Fly...

In January 2012, BRINK, will be presenting the works of seventeen local and regional artists in a new showcase at The Tiltyard in Leyes Lane, Kenilworth.

From Monday 16th January until Sunday 11th March 2012, Tiltyard visitors will have the opportunity to view works by established and emerging artists, portraying local landscapes and nature.
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Illumini Artist Call

Illumini will take you on a journey of Victorian London hauntings, explore the dark side of a city long forgotten. Take torch light tours beneath the haunted streets of the city. The event will launch with a free grand opening night, full of entertainment, costumed performers and light shows. The event will display artworks, props and the history of Victorian culture and hidden spectres, with guided tours and evenings of ghost stories.
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Filling an empty shopping centre

What do you do with an empty shopping centre? The Upper Level of the Bargate Shopping Centre, Southampton has fifteen units and ten of them are empty. Two that are occupied are used by creative organisations; Artswork use a small unit as offices (with desk space for a dozen people), and the SoCo Creative Hub uses one large unit as a music workshop and venue.

What would you do with one of the ten empty shops? The challenge is to suggest a creative and sustainable use of one of the spaces. Could your organization relocate here, working alongside Artswork and SoCo in a vibrant city centre creative hub? Could you manage a space, delivering services to the city? Or would you just like a pop-up shop to try something out?

We’re not going to give you the keys – this is just part of the Empty Shops Network’s action research project Pop-Up People, which will produce a report into the creative use of town centre spaces. We’re looking to find out what people would do with space.

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Empty shop theatre reopens

The UK’s first professional Shop Front Theatre is to re-open its doors again after closing briefly during the late summer.

Theatre Absolute have announced a new three-year lease for one of Coventry's empty shops has been secured with Coventry City Council. Julia Negus and Chris O’Connell from Theatre Absolute founded the Shop Front Theatre in City Arcade, Coventry in 2009. The 18-month pilot programme was a huge success with over 2,000 people visiting the shop, previously an empty fish & chip shop, as audiences, actors and participants.