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John Hegley to headline first Worthing Comedy Festival

Comic performance poet John Hegley is to headline the first ever Worthing Comedy Festival.

Set for 10-12 September, the festival is hosted and organised by Matt's Comedy Club, the up and coming family-friendly comedy showcase that has been running nights in Worthing since 2008.

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Wabi Sabi - enjoying the moment

Agora, Shoreham-by-Sea: Wabi Sabi – ordinary beauty

An exhibition capturing the essence of Japanese philosophy of Wabi Sabi – finding beauty in imperfection, enjoying the moment, and celebrating the transience of life – is a perfect fit for the Empty Shops Network's Agora HQ in Shoreham-by-Sea.

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Ragged socialism in rich Chichester

There are moments as a reviewer when you need to step back from what you're looking at and consider the context. And a hot, sunny afternoon in well-heeled Chichester, watching a new adaptation of Robert Tressell's The Ragged Trousered Philanthropist provides one of those moments.

The book is a masterpiece, an at least partly autobiographical story about the class struggle, the quest for craftsmanship under capitalism and the rise of socialist thinking. It's an odd thing to be watching with a very upper middle class matinee audience.

Adapting for the stage what is essentially a radical political manifesto will never be easy, but on the whole Howard Brenton has done a good job. And of course, the clash of culture between today's audience and the play itself show exactly why it is still relevant. Over a hundred years after the working-class housepainter finished writing the novel, the famous 'Money Trick' he explains is still relevant.
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Brian Eno's appeal: prioritise arts funding if you want a healthy society

The Minister for Culture, Communications and Creative Industries says on this website: "The arts and cultural sector will feel its share of the painful spending decisions that are being taken." Some sectors, however, are being protected from cuts. This article makes a case for prioritising arts funding.

On the eve of the UK's budget cuts announcements, 23 May 2010, in the Brighton Dome, Brian Eno appealed to government to fund the arts. Without the arts, ran the subtext of Eno's message, our society can’t develop properly.

Eno started out by explaining that he was addressing the proposed cuts in arts funding by the British government. He noted there are no proposals to cut funding to the Trident nuclear missile programme, and said he was not proud of the fact that Britain is the number two arms producer in the world. He said the arts community is failing to sell itself to government as successfully as the arms industry. The arts community is failing to convince government of the importance of the arts.
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Writing's on the wall with Twitter artwork

Over the past few months Wasted Spaces has been on a mission to put a smile (literally) on the face of Wembley. This ongoing project involving interventions and temporary installations is set to expand through London in the summer months.

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Surreal gallery opens for free

Visitors will have the chance to explore Pallant House Gallery's summer exhibition, ‘Surreal Friends’ without paying a penny when the Chichester gallery opens for free for the day to mark the annual London 2012 Open Day.

Described by the art critic Richard Cork as ‘really fascinating and impressive’, ‘Surreal Friends’ features works by the English painter Leonora Carrington, the Spanish painter Remedios Varo and the Hungarian photographer Kati Horna, and tells the story of their personal and artistic friendship since meeting in Mexico City in 1943.

Visitors will also be invited to take part in a special Open Weekend event to mark the annual UK-wide countdown to the Olympic and Paralympic Games. Led by the Portsmouth-based artist Jon Adams, visitors will be encouraged to make flags from recycled book pages and ‘plant’ them in the Gallery studio.
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Free photo print offer


To celebrate the launch of his new website, photographer Justin Sainsbury is giving away 5 free 10’’x 15’’ prints to the first 5 people that contact him via

Justin will print, package, send (or deliver in the Worthing area) any picture from the site as long as it’s dated 2006 or later (see ‘image info’ for dates).




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A Dark Day In Paradise

A Dark Day In Paradise is an installation by Clare Twomey at the Royal Pavilion in Brighton until January 2011. Thousands of black ceramic butterflies swarm in the Banqueting Room, the Great Kitchen and the Entrance Hall, and flutter darkly throughout the ground floor of the royal palace.

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tailcast is a place where you can sell, share, publish and promote your work and connect with a rich community of creative souls to collaborate with and be inspired by.  

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Empty shop home to Wabi Sabi exhibition

An empty shop being used temporarily as an art studio and gallery is the perfect venue for an exhibition which explores a Japanese concept which celebrates the temporary and transient nature of objects.

The ancient Japanese philosophy of 'Wabi Sabi' is notoriously enigmatic, elusive and difficult to define through words. In this new exhibition a group of Sussex-based artists will explore the theme through photography, film, painting, ceramics and poetry – seeking to coax beauty out of ugliness, and find it in the everyday, the ordinary and the impermanent.

“If you have ever seen the story in a piece of weathered driftwood, felt the tears in a faded photo, or witnessed the ephemeral beauty of a dew drop catching the morning sun on a leaf,” says organiser Nigel Thompson, “then the essence of the Wabi Sabi aesthetic will speak to you.”