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Ukulele Orchestra play Worthing

The all-singing, all-strumming ukulele players of The Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain celebrate their silver jubilee at Worthing’s Pavilion Theatre on Saturday 11th September.

The orchestra reinterpret every style of music from Tchaikovsky to Nirvana via Otis Reading and Spaghetti Western soundtracks. Their melodious performance features only the “bonsai guitar” and a menagerie of voices in a collision of post-punk performance and toe-tapping oldies.

The Ukulele Orchestra started in 1985. Since then, the orchestra has given thousands of concerts, TV and radio appearances all over the world. Their music has been used in films, plays, and commercials. They have collaborated with Madness, The Kaiser Chiefs, The Ministry of Sound.

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The Blind Side

'The Blind Side' is a feel-good family movie about how a successful Christian Republican business woman, played by Sandra Bullock, follows her conscience and takes in a homeless black boy. The family make him one of their own and get him through school, training him on the way to be one of the greatest American football players.

It moves along with a few sanitised scenes of harsh reality, but is totally digestable if a little sweet on the pallet. It is based on a true story and is a demonstration of how we can rescue people from a life of crime and destruction if we could all make a little space in our hearts. After adopting Michael Oher the family pay for a private tutor, played by the lovely Kathy Bates, to get him into college. She explains that she is a Democrat and the best line of the film is when Bullock's husband says: "To think we had a black son before we met a Democrat!" The movie blows away a lot of misconceptions about the 'Bible-Belt', but it has its critics…
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Norwich ShopArt!

Norwich is making good use of the funding that was allocated through the Department for Communities and Local Government to support high streets and town centres through the recession by encouraging meanwhile use of empty premises in the city centre. Norwich Arts Centre has been commissioned to run the initiative on behalf of Norwich City Council. They have called the project ShopArt! and an exhibition of a rang of art in shop windows will last for 6 months from October 2010 to March 2011.

Norwich Arts Centre is now calling for submissions with a deadline of August 27th. For six months from early October ShopArt! will see at least 10 empty shop windows in Norwich city centre filled with art by local artists. Artists from all over Norfolk are invited to submit ideas to ShopArt! co-ordinator Grace Jackson with details of how they would like to fill a window.

The ShopArt! project aims to show the amount of artistic creativity in Norwich and Norfolk as well as improving the feel of the city centre and build on the work that Norwich Arts Centre is already doing to encourage and support local artists and performers.

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Life's too short for working who knows where, but Digance is still gigging

Folk singer, songwriter and raconteur Richard Digance visits Worthing’s Pavilion Theatre for an evening of songs, rhymes and rambling stories on Saturday September 04.

Richard’s career has been lengthy and diverse, from a BAFTA Nomination as a TV entertainer to supporting Steve Martin and Robin Williams. Richard is part of The Virgin Anthology of Songwriters for his contribution to British comedy songwriting and for over half a century he has travelled the world with just a guitar and his immense collection of stories.

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It’s time to reclaim street corners

The government announced this week that 1,300 playgrounds across 132 councils have been axed to save £235m. This news comes out a week after Play England released research showing that 81% of people believe that “children playing outside helped to improve community spirit” and 70% say it makes an area “more desirable” to live in, but 50% saying that it is too dangerous to play outdoors unsupervised.

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Calling all Artists/Makers in the Horsham Area!

Are you looking for other artists/makers to collaborate with, get feedback from, bounce ideas around with?
Horsham artists are setting up a networking group to do just that - plus whatever else you want to!

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Carlisle's studios open for one day only

To coincide with Tullie House’s Sedition Exhibition, Carlisle based artists are collaborating to organise a one day city-wide Open Studios Initiative. On Sat 20th November only, various studio groups within the city will open their doors and invite visitors in to view their work and to see real life working studios in practice.
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Making waves in Lewes

Preparations are being made for the annual Artwave open house festival.

Taking place across the Lewes district from Saturday 28th August until Sunday 12th September, Artwave showcases art at more than eighty venues.

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Pier Day gets Revolutionary

Make Do & Mend, Dig for Victory and Keep Calm and Carry On. Three well-known messages from the past which have a particular resonance today have inspired the organisers of this year's Pier Day, a one-day festival held on Worthing's art deco pier.

After being involved in running the event since its conception, this year Revolutionary Arts will be taking over the artistic direction of Pier Day, after securing the support of Worthing Borough Council. The annual event takes place on Sunday 12th September, from 12 noon-4pm.

Pier Day celebrates the architecture of Worthing's award-winning art deco pier. So this year, the event will have a historical flavour, celebrating seaside style from the 1930s-1950s. With a topical nod to an era that mixed austerity and celebration, organisers are bringing together artists, community groups and local businesses to celebrate grow-your-own, local food, austerity and the spirit of make do and mend with a great big street party on the pier. Revolutionary Arts will also be commissioning a range of original artworks inspired by the pier.

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Carnival for the dead at Viktor Wynd

The contradiction of art is that the most bright, colourful and joyous work may have the darkest meaning.

In a vibrant, colourful and anarchic exhibition at Viktor Wynd Fine Art, Stephen Wright has produced a mass of work which explores his sense of loss and bereavement after the death of three close family members.