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I Heart Dogs by Cheeky Monkey
The I HEART DOGS pendant collection from Cheeky Monkey Jewellery is the perfect tribute to man's best friend. Available in 12 breeds - and one mutt! Each breed features one or two fair-trade sapphire eyes, is fashioned in recycled silver with a silver chain and includes the signature Cheeky Monkey Jewellery tag. Each pendant comes in its own box with a personality description card for your breed.

Too often breeds are victims of puppy mills - mass breeding facilities that churn out puppies to meet the demand. Cheeky Monkey Jewellery supports the Puppy Mills campaign of The Humane Society of the United States.

Animal shelters and rescue groups have lots of great dogs - mixed breeds and purebreds - so make adoption your first option. Or go to a purebred rescue group, or a responsible breeder. Avoid pet stores or pets sold on the Internet! Find out more at

Alsatian Pendant
- Beagle Pendant
- Bull Terrier Pendant
Bull Terrier
- Bulldog Pendant
Chihuahua Pendant
- Dachshund Pendant
- Golden Retriever Pendant
Golden Retriever
- Jack Russell Terrier Pendant
Jack Russell Terrier
Mixed Breed Pendant
Mixed Breed
- Poodle Pendant
- Pug Pendant
- Weimaraner Pendant
Yorkshire Terrier Pendant
Yorkshire Terrier
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