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Estate Jewelry

Protecting the Family Jewels, without going nuts!
Or, your Estate Jewellery Appraiser can be your most valuable asset.

  1. Estate Valuation: Fair Market value
  2. Donation and Gift Valuation: Fair Market value with IRS/tax restrictions
  3. Estate Administration: can cover several markets, thus several valuation strategies
    • Wholesale market - $ paid by establishment + assembly = sold for resale
    • Collector market - $ paid by collector for items new and/or used, to a dealer
    • Retail market - $ paid by consumer for items new and/or used, to a retailer
    • Secondhand market - $ paid for used items to a retail, includes antique shops
    • Scrap market - $ to be expected for items with no utility, value determined only by value of its components
    • Auction market - $ paid for similar items at auction
    • Nonutility Jewellery market - $ paid by merchant for putpose of adding utility or using component parts to create a new item
    • Garage sale market (flea market) - $ expected does not generally exceed $100, new or used, in any condition
    • Cutter market - $ paid by gem cutter for similar rough material from the source or wholesale intermediary
    • Liquidation market - $ expected in a sale to the public, time not being of the essence
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