New Glen Baxter exhibition celebrates the absurd

It's always a delight to explore a Glen Baxter exhibition, and Tofu Walk With Me his new show at Flowers Gallery in London's Cork Street on until 16 May 2015, is no exception.

The artist and illustrator's ink and crayon captioned drawings create a surreal world populated by cowboys, scouts, Vikings and characters from vintage boys boarding schools, musing on high art, philosophy and fine food, and where the form often subverts the comedic twists in the wording.

These themes have been threads running through much of Baxter's work across the last 40 years or so, and it was rather like being reunited with old friends, and seeing what they'd been up to.

Much of his work has been published in books, on postcards, limited edition Poole pottery plates and mugs, prints and even a watch, but there is nothing quite like seeing original works at their full size at close hand. The colours he uses are gorgeous and rich, and the packed preview I attended was full of excited chatter and the buzz of a crowd enjoying the latest from a master of his craft.

In a brief chat with the man himself I discovered a collected works is due to be published later this year, and he also has a show in Brussels coming up. Plans in France, where he is hugely popular, for a film based on one of his books, have sadly not come to fruition.

It's a show I'd highly recommend, even if you've never come across Baxter's work before. If the pieces featured here engage you and make you smile in any way, you'll be a fan before long.

Tofu Walk With Me is at Flowers Gallery, Cork Street, London W1 (open Monday to Saturday 10am-6pm) until 16 May.

Find out more about Glen's work at and his Facebook fan page

All photos Glen Baxter, Courtesy of Flowers Gallery London and New York

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