Quiet is the new loud for ex-Creation stablemates Fij + Bickers

Like Groundhogs predicting an extended winter, former Creation Records label mates Pete Fij (Adorable / Polak) & Terry Bickers (House of Love / Levitation) have crawled out of musical hibernation to come together to declare that 'quiet is the new loud' and 'down is the new up'.

Conjuring levels of intensity to match their more electrified combined musical pasts, their predominantly acoustic new album, Broken Heart Surgery, (out 7 July 2014) celebrates the downbeat and melancholic with a wry humour and lyrical wit. Imagine Johnny Cash, Simon & Garfunkel an The Velvet Underground jamming together at four in the morning. Quietly so not to wake the neighbours.

Broken Heart Surgery is a sombre letter to lost love, underscored with gallows humour ("You seem to treat me like a voucher code, a free download, the latest plug-in" Out Of Time).

But the forecast isn't all grim, there are signs of spring in Pete Fij's glorious vocal melodies, and Terry Bickers' guitar playing attests to why so many consider Terry Bickers to be the missing link between Johnny Marr and Bernard Butler in the canon of great indie guitarists. Vocalist Pete Fij, described by the Independent on Sunday as "The most under-rated lyricist since Jarvis Cocker put pen to paper", confirms his credentials as a singer/songwriter to be reckoned with.

"If love is a drug, then I'm hooked, I phoned Betty Ford, but they're fully booked" 'Betty Ford'

Though there's a shared sense of love of melancholy, as you can imagine, Pete and Terry are very different people almost a Terry Ying to Pete's Yang. Perhaps like a 70's cop show: Pete being the outgoing Starsky to Terry's internal Hutch, or in a cinematic way Pete would be Dustin Hoffman to Terry's Jon Voigt in Midnight Cowboy. But however you want to dress it up together these 2 make a most beautiful and strangely touching sound

"It's better to have loved and lost, than never to have loved at all. Whoever said that should be shot" 'Loved & Lost'

Broken Heart Surgery 10 songs tracklisting:

Out Of Time / Downsizing / Betty Ford / Sound Of Love / Breaking Up / Loved & Lost / Parallel Girl / Queen Of Stuff / Gravity / I Don't Give A Shit About You

Bickers & Fij are also set to be the subject of a documentary, directed by Peter Bromley of London-based 1968 Film Group, which is scheduled for release during 2014.

Various songs - a film on Pete Fij and Terry Bickers


Out of Time video

Betty Ford video

Downsizing video

Live dates

Wed 2 July Worthing: Persia Lounge, Grand Victorian Hotel

Thur 3 July Brighton: Komedia, Studio Bar

Wed 16 July London: St Pancras Old Church, Pancras Rd, London NW1 1UL

Tues 22 Norwich: the Bicycle Shop, 17 St Benedicts St, Norwich, NR2 4PE

Wed 23 Coventry: The Tin Music & Arts Centre, Canal Basin, Coventry

Support at all shows is from I Am Ampersand - the alter-ego of bass player Matt Hainsby (Fujiya & Miyagi) who has been championed by the likes of Jarvis Cocker & Gideon Coe on 6Music.

"Extremely special" Clash

More info at www.petefijterrybickers.com

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