Empty Shops Day

With more than 14% of the UK's shops currently standing empty, our town centres are undergoing huge shift. And the Empty Shops Network would like you to help document that change.

For the third year running, they're encouraging people to photograph empty shops on the local high street and add them to a growing international archive on International Empty Shops Day on 4th May. The images are often bleak, but inspire people to look again at their town centres and maybe to imagine new uses for the shops they've photographed.

The Empty Shops Network's group on photo-sharing website Flickr currently has 1500 photographs, and more will be added throughout the day on Friday 4th May 2012.

There is no set style, although many have adopted the style used by the Empty Shops network's founder Dan Thompson, shooting shops head on with no people in the picture.

To get involved, just photograph empty shops and add them to the Flickr group here.

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