Filling an empty shopping centre

What do you do with an empty shopping centre? The Upper Level of the Bargate Shopping Centre, Southampton has fifteen units and ten of them are empty. Two that are occupied are used by creative organisations; Artswork use a small unit as offices (with desk space for a dozen people), and the SoCo Creative Hub uses one large unit as a music workshop and venue.

What would you do with one of the ten empty shops? The challenge is to suggest a creative and sustainable use of one of the spaces. Could your organization relocate here, working alongside Artswork and SoCo in a vibrant city centre creative hub? Could you manage a space, delivering services to the city? Or would you just like a pop-up shop to try something out?

We’re not going to give you the keys – this is just part of the Empty Shops Network’s action research project Pop-Up People, which will produce a report into the creative use of town centre spaces. We’re looking to find out what people would do with space.

Tell us in a paragraph what your organization does, and how you’d reuse one of the following shops.

  • 1.Formerly a bar and a comedy club, a large unit with a street frontage.
  • 2.Double-fronted unit with a mezzanine and storage space
  • 3.A small, single-fronted unit with a small mezzanine
  • 4.Two shops knocked together; a double-width unit partially divided
  • 5.A single-fronted unit
  • 6.A single-fronted unit
  • 7.Single-fronted unit
  • 8.Small corner unit with a large window
  • 9.Single-fronted, but a larger, deep unit
  • 10.Large open unit, shutters but no windows

We’ll be at SoCo in late January, when we launch the findings of the Pop-Up People report; and we’ll display all the suggestions for Bargate in the centre. Email your suggestions for the spaces to - and you’ll receive an invitation to the event in January 2012.

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Filling an empty shopping centre
Authored by: Anonymous on Wednesday, March 28 2012 @ 04:48 PM UTC

As we have all seen, more and more shops are moving online and I can't jelp wondering what will artists do in the future when we will practically have online virtual stores. I'm just trying to understand. Imagine browsing the Cincinnati classifieds section from the comfort of your using a virtual reality environment.

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Filling an empty shopping centre
Authored by: Anonymous on Friday, April 27 2012 @ 07:11 PM UTC

Have you considered using a glass tile style for the new shop center? Glass can always create an amazing scenery if you know how to use it... There are some amazing glass architects out there. Just find one of them.

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Filling an empty shopping centre
Authored by: Anonymous on Tuesday, May 01 2012 @ 05:38 PM UTC

If you want to have a modern shop, you can also add some vinyl fencing here and there. That will surely improve the overall design and it create a modern line aspect. Hope you like my suggestion. Have fun!!

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