The Bournemouth Proms - Russian Festival

Tickets check, picnic check, meyrick park check, it can only mean one thing - the Bournemouth proms 2011.

This year I thought I would check the Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra for the first time and what a first experience! Every year a stage gets set up in Meyrick park and one night (Friday) is dedicated to classics and the other (Saturday) a Symphonic Disco Spectacular, so there is something for everyone over the course of the weekend. I have chosen the Russian classics and we position ourselves at 5-6 o'clock with blankets, fold out chairs and tables and begin to eat our breadsticks, cake and gingerbeer. Surrounded by trees it is such a wonderful setting to hold an outdoor concert. People really get into the spirit of things and bring five course picnics with champagne!
As dusk falls the music starts. Principal conductor Kirill Karabits took us through a journey through Russia, whilst a host introduced each song painting a faint picture before every song. We heard a whole selection of classics from the likes of Tchikovsky to Romeo and Juliet - Montagues and Capulets (the Apprentice theme tune). As dusk settled lazors began to light up the trees behind us, the darker it got the more atmospheric it began. Flame throwers appeared in different colours of green, blue and purple, all dancing in step with the music. In front the trees were lightly lit with green blue and purple colours. The music got more dramatic as the night went on. Full lazor beams were used towards the end of the show, smoke from the flame throwers would steam over the lazor and blend together to make this amazing mix of turquoise, purples, greens and blues above - It literally looked like painting was mixing above us. As the lazors moved in wave sensations the whole scene became really trippy and the music became sensational.
The finale gave way to massive fire works display, which synchronised with the music, flame throwers were jumping and dancing, lazors flying everywhere and it was just truly spectacular. Such a wonderful night out and thoroughly reccomended for anyone who is in Bournemouth at the time.

You can find out more about the BSO at and they will be doing many more concerts in October at the Pavillion in Bournemouth so google it for details. I am quite new to classical music but will definately be attending concerts from now you and keeping you guys updated!
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