Artist-in-residence at Worthing Museum

Artist Christine Forbes - a regular exhibitor with Revolutionary Arts - is working on a new set of drawing during a residency at a museum.

Forbes has been invited to select paintings from the diverse art collection at Worthing Museum and Art Gallery. She has selected a range of paintings on the theme of trees. During July and August she is in residency in the gallery, producing new work inspired by her choice from the collection. “My work is all about drawing, so this residency at the Museum’s Norwood Gallery is an open-ended exploration of the tree in its surroundings using a selection of paintings from the collection as a springboard," says Christine, "and any possible meanings will not arise until the project is well under way. Members of the public may have their own views and are welcome to drop by while I’m working.”

Paintings featured include two local scenes, ‘Cottage at Storrington’ by Lucien Pissaro painted in 1911 and ‘Winter in Mid Sussex’ by Lesley-Ann Gorton from 1966.

Forbes is resident in the Norwood Gallery at Worthing Museum & Art Gallery from 23 July to 5 November 2011.
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