Central St. Martins degree show 2011

In comparison with Slade I could immediately feel the difference. Flash catalogue (Slade didn't have one at all) and there were actually a lot of students around the work. Signs asked people not to take photos or films but I am going to ask the artists if these images are okay. If they ask me to take them down then sorry if there is a review which is imageless. Many pieces hold the common theme of attention seeking through content but not being worthy of mentioning, if that makes sense. Very loud as in, money was put into it and the form of it was impressive because of that but conceptually quite weak. A lot attention seeking content as well for example, a pair of shit stained pants hung on a wall etc etc. Some peoples cup of tea, but there were some gems. Upon looking at catalogue I think I have missed some the show, due to it not being signposted well but here is the best of what I saw.

If you would to view images of any of these works visit http://bit.ly/onACMc ??? - arienette222@gmail.com

I am guessing this artists name is Arienette but I have no idea. This was my personal favourite. Modestly attached to wall a little paper holder, containing A5 sheets of pastel coloured blue, yellow, pink and lilac paper. Each colour page has a different piece of text on it. One reads "i wanted to write about oranges but frank beat me to it." with just her name at the bottom all in very small print. Other pages contain weird longer segments of narratives for example "if he wanted marriage and a HD tv and how black his fingers are now with the dirt crusted around the nails like a charcoal pencil drawing from a summer art class and your mum is in your left ear....." Creates a mixture between narrative, storytelling, information, imagination, appropriation. Aesthetically well considered and beautiful content.

Ishara Tessa Perera

Equally as impressive but for different reasons Ishara Tessa Perera installed this fantastic piece upstairs in the St. Martins building. To organize a project of this scale is pretty impressive, it was literally huge and an actual interior from a plane. There were careful and nice decisions made which helped the piece like having it upstairs so you literally could think about how he did this, then there is the subtly of how he decided to light it. The size of it catering to one person like a personalized jet using middle eastern blankets making the piece slightly political. Around this time, Mike Nelson was representing Britain at the Venice Biennial and I cant help crossing the two over into this atmospheric escapist spectacularism. It touches on questioning our most private actions for example sleep and how they are commercialized, accommodated and experienced. I questioned our notion of travel and lifestyle, our political position, our inner most intimate actions and relationships. A complex and good piece of work.

You can contact him on alwaysbeyourself@hotmail.co.uk

Samuel Towerton

Being an object from the workplace and crushed I just think its a wonderful sign of the times. Grey boring object, almost having its last boring breathe sucked out of it just like the economy. Originally used for organization and order their stacked formation mirrors the papers that would of once been inside creating a relationship with its past context. A dialogue between space 2D, 3D, negative space etc. After looking at his website he has some other wonderful work so check him out!

Dont forget to check his website out on http://cargocollective.com/samueltowerton or email him : stowerton@gmail.com

Emma Kemp

Last but certainly not least Emma Kemp presented two interesting pieces of work. Poorly photographed I wouldn't base your opinion on my shabby documentation but definitely visit her website for a better understanding of her practice. To be honest with you, I have no idea what she is talking about. In her puzzle piece, it felt like a collection of odd things put together to confuse me, and her website feels just the same. Quite disconcerting and just jumble of things but I do find myself trying to piece the pieces together, almost like a larger sculptural version of Baldersarris collages. Why are these things together and what do they have in common. Trying to find a common theme is hard but there is a sense of collection.

In this installation she has a clock in time sheet from a working environment with biros, one is uncertain whether they can actually fill one in or not, but when I thought about filling one in, I just thought what the hell would I write in it? Next to it an image, of what looks like a puzzle pieces below it in a box. Some strange symbolism within it but I had no idea what. Baffled.

Go on her website at http://www.eekemp.com/ and email her at emmakemp88@hotmail.com
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Central St. Martins degree show 2011
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Sometimes when you want to create a new design, you can use the wrong materials and it might look very raw, but if you are a real professional, you will redo the project and create the rigth shapes.

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