Slade degree show 2011

Overall the show was okay. I think the quality of what people make is very good in terms of materiality, all made well, but it is common knowledge that they have one whole year for dissertation and one whole year for the show so I guess I was expecting the work to be a little deeper contextually than it was. Some shabby bits of curation like cramming lots of projector works into a dark space upstairs but one has to take the limitations of a degree show into consideration when thinking about these things.

Heidi Smith

This was probably the first piece which caught my eye. You would either love or hate this piece. I love the Jim Lambieness of it all. It screams bad taste - but I like that about it. It is obvious that she has tried to investigate her subject through many mediums e.g sculpture and photography and she has not failed miserably on both. She has acheived quite alot. And all seems to be made well. Her website and business card show a clear understanding of how she is percieved and the subject matter within her work is valid in todays world.

Exploring our relationship with taste, animals, gender, surface, etc etc There seems to be alot going on within it. I cant decide whether this is a good or a bad thing. But well done!

Ava Ireland

This wonderful installation by Ava Ireland was probably my favourite out of the show. I immediately get the sense that she has really focused and played around with the notion of space. It feels like a really developed line of enquiry. First we see maps, and odd suggestions of landscape through sculpture and we begin to question our relationship with space. Later I realise she has created a green giant monoprint directly onto the wall and peeled the ink layer back and stuck on the other side of the corner of the installation which then begins to actually talk with the space the installation is in itself. I think the conceptual base behind her work will progress but she is already showing a high level of understanding when it comes to focusing on a specific theme to really begin to play with the notion what your language is about.

Definitely a favourite.


This artist impressed me very much. Alongside this piece he also made an installation in the small building at the entrance of the university which consisted of a whole blacked out room full of moths. Being Sunday unfortunately it was shut but there was alot of excitement surrounding it and I think the concept and attempt at trying to acheive such a thing is impressive.

This piece consisted of a projection of the waiting icon on a MAC with the generic waiting/on hold music from a phone line. I ended up thinking about just about how much time we spend possibly loose waiting in front of our technologies, the anxiety we get from waiting; it is also interesting how companies try and amuse and keep us happy by playing such things. Our anxieties of waiting in shop queues, and how are these cheesy tunes designed? How do they tap into relaxing us? Very interesting
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