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How do you describe a festival whose contributors range from a poet wielding a scythe, to a former banker talking about the idea of a mortgage strike, to an ex-Wikileaks hacker who’s been rigging up improvised internet services in Afghanistan?

Add in lessons in foraging and brewing, midnight theatre in the woods, a celebration of the 200th anniversary of the Luddites, sessions on the future of the university and the publishing industry — not to mention music from Get Cape Wear Cape Fly, Chris T-T and Marmaduke Dando — and the result is Uncivilisation 2011, the second Dark Mountain festival. In the two years since its manifesto first emerged, the Dark Mountain Project has become a convergence point for writers and makers, technologists and permaculturists, philosophers, improvisers and engineers — in fact, people of all kinds, coming together to talk about the sense that our way of living is unravelling, and to figure out what still works and what still offers meaning in a time of converging social, economic and ecological crises.

Uncivilisation is a weekend of stories and ideas, performances and encounters. It offers a time to slow down, to share our uncertainties and fears, and to have conversations we might not find room for anywhere else. There’s a chance to learn about projects for cultural and practical resilience, to meet potential collaborators and try your hand at new skills. There’s also a lot of laughter and playfulness, and a sense of finding hope in the dark.

Guests at this year’s festival include Jay Griffiths (‘Wild’), Melanie Challenger (‘On Extinction’), Smari McCarthy (ex-Wikileaks), Ella Saitta (, Warren Draper, Rachel Horne, Dearbhaile Bailey, Simon Fairlie (‘The Land’ magazine), Maddy Harland (‘Permaculture’ magazine), Vinay Gupta (The Hexayurt Project), Fergus ‘The Forager’ Drennan, Tom Hirons, Rima Staines, Mario Petrucci, Adrienne Odasso, Alex Fradera, John Mitchinson (QI/Unbound), Andy Hamilton, Anton Shelupanov, Nick Hunt, Sharon Blackie (Two Ravens Press), Susan Richardson and many others.

Uncivilisation 2011 takes place 19-21 August at the Sustainability Centre, nr Petersfield, Hampshire.

Tickets are on sale now through the festival website —
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