Pier Day gets Revolutionary

Make Do & Mend, Dig for Victory and Keep Calm and Carry On. Three well-known messages from the past which have a particular resonance today have inspired the organisers of this year's Pier Day, a one-day festival held on Worthing's art deco pier.

After being involved in running the event since its conception, this year Revolutionary Arts will be taking over the artistic direction of Pier Day, after securing the support of Worthing Borough Council. The annual event takes place on Sunday 12th September, from 12 noon-4pm.

Pier Day celebrates the architecture of Worthing's award-winning art deco pier. So this year, the event will have a historical flavour, celebrating seaside style from the 1930s-1950s. With a topical nod to an era that mixed austerity and celebration, organisers are bringing together artists, community groups and local businesses to celebrate grow-your-own, local food, austerity and the spirit of make do and mend with a great big street party on the pier. Revolutionary Arts will also be commissioning a range of original artworks inspired by the pier.

Already Revolutionary Arts have offered grants to Adur & Worthing arts and community groups who would like to use the day to promote what they do locally by staging some activity on the pier. And Revolutionary Arts have created a dedicated team to spread the word about the event through Facebook, Twitter and other social media.

'This year's Pier Day is part street party and part bohemian arts festival,' says artistic director Dan Thompson, 'created by the community, artists and local business coming together to celebrate all that's best about Worthing past, present and future.'


Check out the Pier Day page for further updates!

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Pier Day gets Revolutionary
Authored by: SteveC on Monday, August 23 2010 @ 02:15 PM UTC

 I would like to sell my pier drawings on Pier Day.

Who do I contact? Can u email me?


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