New festival is all Made In Worthing

Edgy theatre, unexpected art, cutting-edge craft and experimental classical music are all included in Made In Worthing, a new festival which aims to show a different side to the town.

The new festival was conceived by the Revolutionary Arts Group’s Dan Thompson, to showcase the experimental and contemporary work other local arts festivals were missing. He brought local theatre impresario and festival director Glenda Harkess on board, and they have spent a year planning a programme. It ranges from a lecture titled ‘Who Wrote Shakespeare’ to a ‘Makers Marketplace’, and from a play by Mark Ravenhill with an adults-only rule to a ‘Children’s Gallery’ at Reflections Nursery.

Other highlights include ‘The Sound of Clouds’ a day-long music workshop during which musicians will compose a new piece of music and stage its world premiere performance. ‘Talk’ by Mark Wilson will launch a year-long project aiming to end discrimination around mental health. And at the ‘Do It Yourself Pocket Conference’, people will be encouraged to set up their own arts festivals in the town.

As well a the announced programme, organisers are planning a series of what they describe as ‘interventions’ around the town, including temporary public art at Splash Point, giving away free artwork, and ‘pop-up poets’ who will perform unannounced sets in local cafes.
‘Worthing is where Oscar Wilde came to escape scandal, the Sally Army tried to tell us what to do and caused a riot, anarchic bands played on lorries in the Carnival Procession and Jamie Hewlett decorated nightclubs,’ says Dan, ‘ignore the gods-waiting-room and Sunny Worthing cliches and you’ll find a town that’s always embraced the arts – we’re part of a long local tradition!’

‘It’s not all serious though,’ adds Glenda, ‘there’s also a special limited edition Made In Worthing cupcake, the annual family-friendly Pier Day and Worthing’s first ukulele jam!’

The Made In Worthing festival takes place from 17th-20th September, in venues around Worthing. It is organised by the Revolutionary Arts Group and Theatre Akimbo, and is supported by Worthing Arts Council and local businesses.
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